Class Schedule

​We offer classes for a variety of styles from Classical Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap and Contemporary. 2021's class schedule is available above. You can read a little more about each of the styles of dance below. 


Open to all budding enthusiasts from age four to adults, Classical Ballet is fantastic for developing lifelong skills such as confidence, learning ability, posture and flexibility. 


Drawing on a variety of styles such as jazz, lyrical and ballet, contemporary is an expressive style.  




A genre that uses elements of street dance styles fused with Hip-Hop culture. Routines are choreographed to modern music. Available for age 11 and older.


A style of dance that pulls from various other forms including ballet and latin, typically to contemporary music. Open to everyone above five years old. 


Fantastic for timing, coordination and control, tap movements and routines are set to popular songs. Open to five year olds and over. 




Learn at your own pace and focus on what you need to. Available for all styles.